WAS nd v8.5安装笔记


Run the command to record a response file for the IBM product installation. This command uses the -skipInstall agentDataLocation argument. This argument records the installation commands without installing the IBM product. Substitute your own file name and location for the response file. Verify that the file paths that you enter exist. Installation Manager does not create directories for the response file.

  • Windows: IBMIM.exe -record responseFile -skipInstall agentDataLocation
  • Linux, UNIX, and the OS X operating system: ./IBMIM -record responseFile -skipInstall agentDataLocation

    Table 1. -record commands by operating system
    Operating SystemCommand
    WindowsIBMIM.exe -record c:\response_files\install_product.xml -skipInstall c:\skipInstall\IBM_product
    Linux, UNIX, and the OS X operating system./IBMIM -record /response_files/install_product.xml -skipInstall skipInstall/IBM_product