SalesforceXyTools for Sublime Text is Rapid development tools for Salesforce Development.

  • Auto Create Apex Test Class Code, Auto Create Test Data For Apex Test Class.
  • SFDC Dataviewer, SFDC Online Dataviewer.
  • SObject Viewer, SObject Description, Export SOjbect Fields to Excel
  • Atuo Login SFDC.
  • SOQL Query, Tooling Query, Run Apex Script.

Install SalesforceXyTools(Use Package Control to Install)

1. Open Sublime Text 3
2. Run Package Control: Install Packagecommand 3\. Search for SalesforceXyTools
4. Hit Enter




2运行Package Control: Install Package 命令




2「Package Control: Install Package 」コメントを実行

3. 「SalesforceXyTools」を検索して,インストールしてください。


Important Settings

Use Mavensmate Session

■Only Support for v0.0.10, or Below!!

■Not Support for v0.0.11-beta.2 to v0.0.11-beta.7, because of MavensMate v0.0.11-beta.2 or above uses OAuth!

You may set use_mavensmate_setting to a single path on your local filesystem or an array of paths. If you set use_mavensmate_setting true, you can use all the setting of mavensmate, you need not to set projects or default_project .

//Only Support for v0.0.10
//Not Support for v0.0.11-beta.2 to v0.0.11-beta.7
"use_mavensmate_setting" : true
`</pre> #### []( `projects` Setting If you set `use_mavensmate_setting` false, please set the `default_project` and `projects` as the example. ##### []( of projects <pre>`"default_project":"huangxy1", "projects": { "huangxy1": { "loginUrl": "", "password": "XXXXXXX", "security_token": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", "username": "", "api_version": 36.0, "is_sandbox": false, "workspace": "C:/workspace/huangxy1/" }, "huangxy2": { "loginUrl": "", "password": "XXXXXXX", "security_token": "XXXXXXX", "username": "", "api_version": 36.0, "is_sandbox": true, "workspace": "C:/workspace/huangxy2/" } } `</pre> Add your `browsers` setting as below <pre>` // Add your browser which you like! // examle: // "firefox":"Path of firefox!", // "Edge":"Path of Edge", or another "browsers": { "chrome": "C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe", "IE": "C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore.exe" }, `</pre> <pre>` `</pre> ## Usage #### []( SOQL/Run Tooling api Select your SOQL, [SFDC-XY] -&gt; [SFDC SOQL] -&gt; [SOQL Query]/[Tooling Query] and run! [![Run SOQL](]( #### []( Object Descript, Save as Excel Path: [SFDC-XY] -&gt; [SFDC Object] [![SFDC Object](]( #### []( DataViewer Path: [SFDC-XY] -&gt; [SFDC Dataviewer] [![SFDC Object](]( #### []( Test Code Open your apex code, [SFDC-XY] -&gt; [SFDC Code Creator] -&gt; [Create Test Code] and you can auto creat your apex test class!! [![Create Test Code](]( #### []( , Viewer , TestClass Quick Jump Right Click, and find the click! [![Controller_VF_Jump](]( &nbsp; * * * &nbsp; ## &nbsp; ## More Link About SalesforceXyTools []( Ibmer.Info地址 []( GitHub地址 []( ## Help Link 1.Auto Create Salesforce Test Code. 生成测试代码 []( 2.Data View . 数据浏览 []( 3.Export SFDC Object to Excel. 表结构导出Excel []( 4.Run SOQL/Apex. SOQL/Apex执行 []( 5.Jump between ApexController , page , TestClass ApexController , page , TestClass相互跳转 []( 6.Auto Login Project 自动登录选择的项目,可以选择浏览器 []( 7.Soql Query. 执行Select * 语句 []( 8.Auto Create Soql 自动创建Soql语句 []( <pre>`