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VMware ESXi 4.1WelcomeGetting Started
If you need to access this host remotely, use the following program to install vSphere Client software. After running the installer, start the client and log in to this host.
Download vSphere Client
To streamline your IT operations with vSphere, use the following program to install vCenter. vCenter will help you consolidate and optimize workload distribution across ESX hosts, reduce new system deployment time from weeks to seconds, monitor your virtual computing environment around the clock, avoid service disruptions due to planned hardware maintenance or unexpected failure, centralize access control, and automate system administration tasks.
Download VMware vCenter
If you need more help, please refer to our documentation library:
vSphere 4.1 Documentation
For AdministratorsvSphere Remote Command Line
The Remote Command Line allows you to use command line tools to manage vSphere from a client machine. These tools can be used in shell scripts to automate day-to-day operations.
Download the Virtual Appliance
Download the Windows Installer (exe)
Download the Linux Installer (tar.gz)
Web-Based Datastore Browser
Use your web browser to find and download files (for example, virtual machine and virtual disk files).
For DevelopersvSphere Web Services SDK
Learn about our latest SDKs, Toolkits, and APIs for managing VMware ESX, ESXi, and VMware vCenter. Get sample code, reference documentation, participate in our Forum Discussions, and view our latest Sessions and Webinars.
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